The Truth About Your Wedding Day

Wedding season is truly upon us! May arrived and suddenly my social media feeds were filled with blushing brides, prepping planners, and fabulous florals. I love it!

The day of your wedding is one that you have potentially thought about nonstop for your whole engagement (or maybe even since you were in kindergarten). There is so much planning and effort that has led up to this moment. All the vendor meetings and dress appointments and food tastings and floral design has finally all come together. And, naturally, you want it to be perfect. Well, I want to tell you the truth about your wedding day.

Things will go wrong. Big or small, something won’t go the way you had envisioned. (Though I promise it won’t be as terrible as all those wedding nightmares you’re having!)

And yet, no matter what, it will be a perfect day.

You are marrying your sweetheart, your partner, your other half.

You are marrying the love of your life, the Mickey to your Minnie, the William to your Kate.

You are marrying your best friend.

And that is the most perfect, important, and best, part of the day.

As I said, things will go wrong. It can’t be helped. At my wedding, the rental company brought the wrong color linens and were late getting the chairs in place, my dad accidentally stepped on my tulle dress and ripped a layer (bring safety pins!), the DJ played the wrong version of our first dance song, etc.

And I’ll freely admit, those things got me down a little. But the rental company issues I didn’t even know about until after the wedding! (Reason #513 to hire a planner or day of coordinator!) I was focused way more on chatting with friends and family and being with Aaron than noticing what color the linens were on the gift table.

The #1 tip I want to recommend to every single couple out there on their wedding day is this: take time throughout the day to have moments with yourself and with your sweetheart to take it all in and remember. Sometimes Aaron and I would catch each other’s eye and think, this is all really happening! Even today, I have these snapshot memories from our wedding day where I took a step back to absorb everything around me.

Especially right before the ceremony, take a moment to yourself (if you can) to take a deep breath, pray, meditate, or whatever fits you to reflect and breathe. I remember standing at the top of the staircase, waiting for my cue, as the string quartet played “Beauty and the Beast.” Tears came to my eyes as I hummed along with the music, thinking about all the friends and family below, and telling myself the following about Aaron:

You are marrying your best friend.

And that is the most perfect, important, and best, part of the day.

Katherine xo

Image by Alisandra Photography

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