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Hi everyone, Katherine here again! During the planning process, there was one question that I repeatedly received that I didn’t really know how to answer: “What is your wedding theme?” Or sometimes: “What are your wedding colors?” I personally struggled with both. I think the colors question came frequently from friends and family who had […]

Hi everyone, newlywed Katherine here! Whether you are knee deep in wedding planning mode or are just wading in, let me share my top three favorite (free!) online tools to use to help out with the planning – two of which you may already be using! These were tools that I made full use of […]

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, so you want to make sure you hire the right people to make your dream wedding a reality! Using some tales from my own wedding planning experience, I will walk you through ways to see if a wedding vendor is right for you. Your […]

Katherine here again! This week, let’s delve into a fun, but sometimes research intensive part of the wedding planning process – choosing a venue. There’s a number of different factors to think of when it comes to where you want to have your wedding – type, cost, capacity, location, layout, and style. So let’s break […]

Hey everyone! I’m back this week with some advice on how best to use (or not use) social media for wedding planning. Social media is everywhere in our lives. I mean, 79% of online American adults have a Facebook account – that’s a lot! It’s amazing how it can connect us so fast to people, […]

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