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August 1, 2017

We’ve all been there … you’ve been invited to a wedding & you’re wondering about the gift. Do you take a gift to the wedding? Should you find something personal or buy off of the registry? Is a gift card the “lazy” way? What do couples REALLY want?  I decided to put together a little […]

Wedding season is truly upon us! May arrived and suddenly my social media feeds were filled with blushing brides, prepping planners, and fabulous florals. I love it! The day of your wedding is one that you have potentially thought about nonstop for your whole engagement (or maybe even since you were in kindergarten). There is […]

Hi everyone, it’s Katherine again! I can’t believe Aaron and I just hit our one year anniversary mark two weekends ago! We had a great time celebrating with a nice dinner out and then walked over to the Carnegie Institute for Science, our wedding venue, to take some anniversary selfies a year later. All that […]

Hi everyone, Katherine here again! During the planning process, there was one question that I repeatedly received that I didn’t really know how to answer: “What is your wedding theme?” Or sometimes: “What are your wedding colors?” I personally struggled with both. I think the colors question came frequently from friends and family who had […]

Hi everyone, newlywed Katherine here! Whether you are knee deep in wedding planning mode or are just wading in, let me share my top three favorite (free!) online tools to use to help out with the planning – two of which you may already be using! These were tools that I made full use of […]

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