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I know I say this a lot when I share styled shoots with you… but I LOVED this shoot!! I truly believe THIS one is my all-time favorite (though there are quite a few that are hot on it’s heels!)!! The colors, the texture, that GOWN … need I say more?! When Katelyn asked me […]

A few weeks ago, I shared Hope’s Wedding Workshop Shoot. Today, I’m sharing her Senior Workshop Shoot!! Hope is such a boss and hosts 2 day workshops with an entire day focused on weddings, and the second day focused on seniors! We repurpose details from the wedding shoot for the senior shoot & it’s always […]

This shoot. Y’all know how much I love working with Hope, and this shoot is no exception! I LOVE how we used french blue as the main color (especially because I was in full “boy mom” planning mode with baby Micah!), and thought all the colors truly “popped” off of the Paisley & Jade rentals!! […]

Whenever Amanda asks me to collaborate, I will ALWAYS say “yes”!!! This girl and I are two peas in a pod with our love for PINK, girly details and everything BRIGHT and FUN!!! She asked me to work with her on her Fall 2017 workshop shoot, and I loved her initial vision! This shoot is […]

2017 was an amazing year for Dear Sweetheart Events!! It was Hannah’s first official year as a Lead Planner and our team while I loved being able to broaden our team, we took a “less is more” approach when it came to our sweet couples. We worked with 9 amazing couples in 2017 and loved […]

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