Emily & Mark

December 10, 2014

I am overjoyed to share this wedding with you… I have so many favorites that this post is a total “photo overload”!!

Emily and Mark were SO MUCH fun to work with and I know you’re going to love them too!! Emily is an AMAZING bumps, births and babies photographer, and her wedding was absolutely beautiful!! She was one of the first brides to book me and I was SO honored and humbled she trusted me with her vision… especially when she’d already booked Katelyn, Amanda and Richard … what a dream team!!

She had the perfect mix of classic details and fall colors… I loved her color palette and as always, Amanda’s floral designs were out of this world! Her dress is one of my favorites from my 2014 weddings, and I will never, ever forget holding her hand before she walked down the aisle. It was one of those “this is why I’m a wedding planner” moments!:)

Enjoy my favorites… there are quite a few!! I think this one might be a new DSE favorite for all of you!!!:)

VENDORS: Photography: Katelyn James Photography | Coordinating: Dear Sweetheart Events | Florals: Amanda Veronee | DJ: Richard Green Entertainment | Videographer: Zach Robbins | Venue: Cathedral of the Sacred Heart and The John Marshall Ballroom | Invitations: Shannon Joy Paperie | Reception Signage: Letters of Grace Calligraphy | Cake: Sweet Fix | Hair: Winning Image Salon and Day Spa 

Shannon did an AMAZING job with these invitations!! 2014-12-08_0045.jpg 2014-12-08_0046.jpg 2014-12-08_0047.jpg 2014-12-08_0042.jpg 2014-12-08_0043.jpg 2014-12-08_0044.jpg 2014-12-08_0038.jpg 2014-12-08_0037.jpg 2014-12-08_0040.jpg 2014-12-08_0039.jpgLOVE this bouquet!!! 2014-12-08_0041.jpg2014-12-08_0036.jpg 2014-12-08_0035.jpg 2014-12-08_0034.jpg 2014-12-08_0033.jpg 2014-12-08_0032.jpgNow can you see why this wedding is a favorite?! I LOVE these portraits!!! 2014-12-08_0031.jpg 2014-12-08_0030.jpg 2014-12-08_0029.jpg

Ceremony Time!! 2014-12-08_0023.jpg 2014-12-08_0021.jpg 2014-12-08_0025.jpg 2014-12-08_0027.jpg 2014-12-08_0028.jpg 2014-12-08_0024.jpg


MARRIED!!!! 2014-12-08_0084.jpg 2014-12-08_0085.jpg 2014-12-08_0086.jpg

LOVE this one!!! 2014-12-08_0022.jpg

2014-12-08_0089.jpg 2014-12-08_0079.jpg 2014-12-08_0090.jpg

YES!! 2014-12-08_0091.jpg

2014-12-08_0076.jpg 2014-12-08_0075.jpg 2014-12-08_0074.jpg 2014-12-08_0073.jpg 2014-12-08_0077.jpg 2014-12-08_0078.jpg 2014-12-08_0081.jpg2014-12-08_0067.jpg 2014-12-08_0068.jpg 2014-12-08_0069.jpg 2014-12-08_0070.jpg 2014-12-08_0071.jpg 2014-12-08_0066.jpg 2014-12-08_0065.jpg 2014-12-08_0064.jpg 2014-12-08_0063.jpg

Details!!!:) 2014-12-08_0060.jpg 2014-12-08_0061.jpg 2014-12-08_0058.jpg 2014-12-08_0057.jpg 2014-12-08_0056.jpg 2014-12-08_0053.jpg2014-12-08_0010.jpg 2014-12-08_0008.jpg 2014-12-08_0007.jpg 2014-12-08_0006.jpg 2014-12-08_0005.jpg 2014-12-08_0004.jpg 2014-12-08_0002.jpg 2014-12-08_0001.jpg

Reception time!!! 2014-12-08_0055.jpg 2014-12-08_0054.jpg 2014-12-08_0052.jpg 2014-12-08_0051.jpg 2014-12-08_0049.jpg
2014-12-08_0019.jpg 2014-12-08_0017.jpg 2014-12-08_0016.jpg 2014-12-08_0015.jpg 2014-12-08_0014.jpg

Vendor pic!!!:) 2014-12-08_0020.jpg

GORGEOUS cake!!! 2014-12-08_0003.jpg2014-12-08_0018.jpg2014-12-08_0011.jpg 2014-12-08_0013.jpg

xo! kat


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  1. Caitlin Farrell

    December 10th, 2014 at 11:08 am

    Lace and bows are my two favorite details when it comes to wedding gowns, so this dress is just alllllll kinds of perfect! Such a beautiful wedding 🙂

  2. ashley link

    December 10th, 2014 at 2:21 pm

    this is a favorite for sure! <3

  3. Shannon

    December 10th, 2014 at 5:03 pm

    Oh I just love these two and this wedding. Thank YOU for sending them my way! You did a fabulous job!

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