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December 9, 2014

I’m so excited to be back with another #DSEFRIENDS post!! These are some of my FAVORITES because these #bossladies are rockin’ it, and I just LOVE getting to know them!!!

Today’s post is about Erin of by Erin Creative Co… she reached out to me a few months ago when her business launched and I was honored to be apart of her Instagram launch party!! I’ve loved following along with her and have her Daily Routine print in the DSE office!

Enjoy getting to know her, friends!!:)


Tell me more about by Erin Creative Co.!! How did you get started?! What is the mission behind your little company?! by Erin Creative Co. rests on the foundation of cultivating an intentional life of joy. At my very core I’m a Southern woman who was raised to love big, give grace, and intentionally tend to the legacy of my family & community. My Grandfather never met a soul he didn’t want to encourage, and in my life I’d like to do the same.

God placed big dreams on my heart this year and I’m just so grateful to see them come to fruition through by Erin Creative Co. Our print shop launched in November of 2014, and we have BIG plans and new products lined up as we move into 2015.

View More: http://abbygracephotography.pass.us/head-shots-2014

You use the phrase “cultivate joy” at a tagline for your company. I love that!!! How do your products help busy women cultivate joy throughout the day? I’m a planner, an over-thinker, and a doer in many aspects. I’ve learned, though, that life is sweetest when we surrender it all. When we let go of our plan for His plan, true joy becomes attainable.

I spent many years chasing happiness. It was a frenzied chase that most often felt like a marathon. But if I focus on cultivating joy, each moment in the day (good or bad) is joy-filled in some way. I think life should be centered on the journey of joy rather than a destination of happiness.

Each product in our shop is created in hopes of encouraging and emboldening your heart in every day moments. We offer gentle reminders of Christ’s love, of Southern heritage and of the simple yet mighty reminder to choose joy always. I need these reminders not just daily but hourly and believe the same is true for many of us.


Favorite product in your shop… GO! This has to be our “Daily Routine” print. Again, a simple yet mighty message. Before I tackle the to-do list each day, I spend time in the Bible and in prayer. By 10 a.m. each day, I’m usually on repeat 🙂

It has been such a joy to see this print head out the door as our best seller. The notes I’ve received with each purchase have humbled my heart. Friends buying for others, women encouraging one another on their walks, this is what it’s all about. Cultivating joy as we wade through the thick of it together to bring glory to His name. It’s a beautiful thing.

Who are some boss ladies that inspire you? Kat, YOU have been an inspiration to me in this last year. I’m working a day-job (which I consider a dream) while also pursuing by Erin Creative Co. It’s no easy feat to juggle full-time work and entrepreneurship. Watching you grow DSE with an authentic heart has been awe-inspiring. (( K, here – oh my gosh, Erin, you are SO sweet!! )) 

Lara Casey is another lovely lady I look up to. Always reminding us to live life on purpose, she’s a woman after my own heart.

Jess Connolly has a heart for Jesus and pointing women towards Him that I just love. Her blog has been an encouragement to me for several years. I highly recommend reading her blog; she has a powerful way with words and business.

pretty place chapel

What does your dream wedding or vow renewal look like?! Where would you wed, what would you wear… I’d love to hear what you’re dreaming of!! Oh man, I could go on for days and many Pinterest boards about a vow renewal! In fact, if I lived closer, I’d be applying to intern with DSE. I’m a wedding lover and was so blessed by the perfect man and wedding day.

My sweet husband and I were married August 2, 2008 at Pretty Place Chapel at Camp Greenville in South Carolina. When we planned our wedding, this location was my only must-have on the list. I grew up attending Camp Greenville in the summers, and this chapel is at the center of my heart always and forever. Plus? How can you not with this view?!!

Any vow renewal would, of course, be back at Pretty Place. Other details would be simple & soft white, greens and blues. It would be a sweet ceremony sharing hand-written vows and an intimate dinner to follow. I imagine a long, candle-lit table, an abundance of florals & greenery with champagne, friends, family & laughter for days.

Thankfully, my best friend just got engaged and is giving me a valid excuse to spend hours lingering on every last page of the latest Southern Weddings!

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xo! kat

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