#DSEFRIENDS: A Little Bit Of Me

October 28, 2014

Rachel and I connected via Instagram a few months ago… I had posted something about being stressed out & really feeling the burden of business ownership, and you know what she did? She emailed me the sweetest, most encouraging words!!! It was a breath of fresh air in my inbox & I instantly felt connected to her!

I have LOVED following along on her business journey and think her movement #spreadjoyandhappymail is amazing!! She is SO talented – I have one of her peony prints in my office & she made a custom illustration for me and Matt!! And she’s also got the BIGGEST heart!!! I hope one day I get to meet this girl in person:) Enjoy getting to know her today, friends!!


Tell me more about A Little Bit of Me!! When did you get started? What do you specialize in? I have been painting for as long as I could hold a brush in my hand, but started to really pursue selling my artwork in January. One of my co-workers looked at the paintings in my office and said, “wow, these are good you should sell them!” Here I am, nine months later running a REAL business…it’s still crazy to realize that, because I never set out to start a business, I was just doing what I loved. I specialize in abstract floral paintings with lots of bright colors, custom illustrations (families, homes, pets) and most recently #spreadjoyandhappymail!


#SpreadJoyAndHappyMail … I love this movement you’ve founded!! Why does it fire you up? How can readers be apart of it? I LOVE to send mail and give gifts to encourage my friends and people I love. I thought that was normal and everyone did that, but they don’t! Snail mail seems to be such a thing of the past and I really want to bring it back. I started my cards as a bright and sassy way to make people want to send more snail mail. No matter how bad or difficult your day was, there is nothing better than coming home to a hand written note. My designs are meant to be used as a little pick me up through the mail. I am working on setting up a way to match people with pen pals, but you can purchase all the cards and start sending mail today! I created a hash tag, because it is fun to see all of the encouraging mail other people have sent.


I know you’re a fresh flower lover… name your all time favorite flower!!! Tulips! I LOVE tulips and I love that Trader Joe’s still has them, even though it’s fall. My little “treat yo self” present to myself is to stop and pick up a bundle every week. It is bad, because the employees know my name now.

What other blogs do you love to read?? I love to read blogs written by inspirational women business owners who are hustling and encourage others to make the most out of life, professionally and personally. Some of my favorites to read are Dear Sweetheart Events (duh!), B is for Bonnie Design, Emily Ley, Lara Casey/Southern Weddings, Katelyn James, and any that tell stories, give advice, and are just plain real.


K, here: Um, I LOVE this card!!!!!:)

Tell me about your DREAM wedding/vow renewal!!! Colors, styles, theme?! We are just celebrating our first anniversary and I am not going to lie, I’ve already thought about doing a vow renewal in 5 years…too soon? I would love something soft and romantic, lots of flowers, and only candle light. I would want all neutral colors, with gold accents, and pops of bright flowers. I imagine something small and intimate, everyone sat at the same big farm style table in a field of wildflowers in Italy drinking wine….I dream big!


xo! kat

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