Meet a DSE Bride: Lauren

I can’t believe our first wedding of the 2017 season is here!!!! Lauren and I met in college, and I am so excited to watch her say “I do!”!! We cheered together, have eaten our weight in tacos from El Charro and I have so many college memories with her in them!! She has been so relaxed throughout the entire planning process, and I know her laid-back beach wedding will be the perfect way to kick off the year! I can’t wait to see all the gray, navy & sea-glass details come together! Enjoy getting to know her & be sure to follow along on insta for BTS of the weekend!!


Your name: Lauren Miller

Your sweetheart’s name: Ryan French

How’d you meet? We met through my coworker who was his roommate at the time. I went to one of their flag football games and he was talking trash about the Eagles (he’s a Giants fan), so when the Eagles beat the Giants that night, I returned the trash talk.

  • We go together like: Peanut Butter and Jelly. I know it sounds very “uncreative” but he makes the best PB&Js with the most perfect ratio of PB to J and it’s always been our “thing” and describes why we get along so well. Our ratios are perfect (i.e. I’m very emotional and he’s not, he’s stubborn and I’m not, etc.).

    When did you know he was going to be your husband? Did he know before you? I knew very early on that this was a long-term relationship. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship so I was a little bit skeptical about the whole marriage thing at first but I knew that I didn’t want to screw this up. I think he knew too but didn’t acknowledge it until a lot later than I did. Because of that, we took it very slowly and I’m very glad that we did.

    When and where are you two getting married? What made you decide on that time of year and venue? We’re getting married May 6, 2017 in Bethany Beach, DE. I didn’t want a big ceremony or anything because we’re very laid back, casual people so a big fancy ceremony just didn’t fit us. He suggested the beach as an idea rather than mine (the courthouse) and a huge ceremony. We decided that we didn’t want it to be too hot outside and didn’t want to be engaged very long (he proposed July 15, 2016) so May seemed ideal.

    Describe your wedding in 3 words. Timeless, laid-back, fun

    Okay, now tell me more! Theme, style, colors, must-haves? I’m not a very girly, girl and literally live in neutral colors so I had a hard time picking colors. We went with navy blue and gray. I’m actually obsessed with how everything turned out and I’m glad we stuck to things/colors that are “us” and what we like. It’s on the beach so it is very casual and just a huge celebration. We also wanted casual food like sliders, fajitas, etc. because it’s just more “us” than a big fancy dinner. The DJ was very important to us too because we love to dance and are looking forward to spending the night on the dance floor with everyone we love.

    What’s your favorite source of wedding inspiration? Pinterest has been great.

    What have you loved most about wedding planning? I love the little details that Kat and my mom have put together. It’s the cute little cheeky signs and set ups that are going to be the best and things we remember most about the day. We’re not very traditional people so, the way all of the vendors were able to make things very “us”, is amazing. I can’t wait to see it all come together.

    What have you loved least? There are so many decisions to make and I honestly didn’t care too much about the details. I obviously wanted it to be beautiful and “us” but I didn’t have strong feelings about anything in either direction, which made it difficult to decide on things but not for the reason that I think most brides struggle. I am most excited to get married and spend time celebrating with our friends and families.

    Have you always dreamed about your wedding day or is this a new thing for you? How has your dream shifted over the course of your engagement? No! I have never pictured my wedding day. As an adult, I am very practical and wanted to save the money and just go to the courthouse. Surprisingly, my fiancé was the one who wanted to have a ceremony and reception and I’m glad that we are. Finding the middle ground and having a casual beach day, was a game-changer in the decision. I’ve grown up going to this beach and have some of my most favorite memories here and it’s going to be amazing creating even more memories here during our wedding weekend.

    What are you most looking forward to about wedding day (besides being his wife)? I can’t wait to hear his vows. He is not a very expressive person when it comes to his feelings. I mean of course he has expressed them before or we wouldn’t be getting married but I’m looking forward to hearing what he says and what parts of our current relationship are his favorites and what he’s looking forward to in the years to come.

    Are you two taking a honeymoon? If so, where? Yes! We’re going to Cancun, Mexico and we can’t wait.
    Why is marriage so important to you two? What are you most excited for or nervous about? Neither of our parents are together anymore but have been great parents to both of us. We’re hoping to follow in their footsteps of great parenting but want to have more of a traditional family. We can’t wait to have kids!! I think I’m just nervous about messing it up. We’ve been together for almost 6 years and lived together for about half of that so we’ve already gone through some tough times together but I know there will be more over the next 100 years so it’s a little bit intimidating looking into the future.
    Do you have any advice for the newly engaged? Enjoy the planning process. If you do as many things ahead of schedule as you can, you won’t be stressed at all in the weeks to come. Maybe everyone else is stressed around me and i just don’t know it but I’m a week away and not even a little bit stressed (except for checking the weather every 30 seconds!). We also took a mini vacation right after getting engaged (great planning on his part because the vacation was already scheduled prior to getting engaged) and that was amazing. We got to really enjoy this huge step we were taking and spend some quality time together and celebrate with our family and friends before actually beginning the planning.

    Do you have any questions for the recently married? Any must-dos during the wedding or right after?

    What’s next up for you two after the ‘I do’s’? We want to start a family ASAP. We both love kids and can’t wait to have some of our own. As I mentioned before, I’ve never pictured my wedding day but I’ve always pictured myself as a mom so I’m very excited for that stage in our lives! Until then, we will just continue to spoil our fur babies.

    Professional photos by Amanda Hedgepeth Photography.

    xo! kat

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