Choosing the “Right” Vendors for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, so you want to make sure you hire the right people to make your dream wedding a reality! Using some tales from my own wedding planning experience, I will walk you through ways to see if a wedding vendor is right for you.

Your wedding photographer is someone who is going to be by your side throughout almost the entire day. So not only do you want to choose a photographer whose style you like, but you want to choose one who you trust and who you like being around! I was super lucky – my photographer was actually one of my college roommates and I had watched her business and talent grow through the years. When it came time to do an initial call, I already knew I trusted her. However, she still had to pass my test for my husband, Aaron! He immediately appreciated how professional and personable she was, two qualities that I think are essential.

However, I certainly didn’t have the luxury of knowing all my vendors ahead of time! My favorite way to choose vendors was through recommendations from friends I trusted. I found both Kat and my florist through knowing other brides who had hired them. These brides were friends or coworkers whose style and standards I valued, so I was confident in the results I would have! And since getting married, I have recommended many of my vendors to other brides. Word of mouth is absolutely the way to go! On that same note, once you hire vendors you like, ask them about vendors in other categories that they recommend. I asked my photographer about hair and makeup, I asked Kat about invitation designers, etc.

I will admit, we didn’t have perfection with every vendor. We needed a vendor for renting chairs, linens, and dinnerware, so we reached out to one. When Aaron and I went to visit the showroom, I was unimpressed with our sales consultant’s attention to detail. After choosing our items, it took her weeks to send us our order form (and only after prodding from me), and even then, everything in the order was incorrect. I emailed her back and forth several times with explicit instructions on what we wanted, and yet, it took several rounds before it was finally correct. I thought everything eventually turned out fine, until looking at our wedding photos after the wedding and realizing our food stations and gift table linens were white, instead of the silver like we ordered. Not a huge deal since the white still was in our color scheme (and I was so busy and excited during the wedding that I didn’t even notice!), but disappointing that it wasn’t what we asked for. Long story short, I saw some red flags early on, and I should have listened to my gut.

The vendors you choose for your wedding day are really the ones who can make your dream wedding come true. So listen to your gut and talk to other brides and your vendors! They are your best resources.

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