10 Tips I Learned About Wedding Planning After I Had My Wedding

Hi everyone, it’s Katherine again! I can’t believe Aaron and I just hit our one year anniversary mark two weekends ago! We had a great time celebrating with a nice dinner out and then walked over to the Carnegie Institute for Science, our wedding venue, to take some anniversary selfies a year later. All that reminiscing about our wedding reminded me of a few tips I’d like to share!

1. Ask your florist how big your bridal bouquet will be. It’s not something I thought about, but when I got my bouquet the day of the wedding, it was huge! I loved it! Turns out, it was also very heavy and difficult to pose while holding it with one hand. I don’t regret the size at all, I just wish that I had actually done those arm workouts that I said I would do when I got engaged.

2. Speaking of workouts, please don’t stress about your body for the wedding day. I know that everyone wants to look as perfect as possible, but let me tell you. As a beaming bride, you will look absolutely beautiful no matter what!

3. When you set your budget, make sure there’s room to go over because that may or may not have happen to us. Those little items add up so quickly!

4. Don’t be afraid to ask! This applies to so many aspects of wedding planning, but I had this with my invitation designer. I loved her watercolor style, but we weren’t doing any illustrations for our invitations. So I reached out and asked if she might be able to paint a cherry blossom themed wedding certificate that we and everyone who attended our wedding could sign, and that we could later hang in our home. It’s not something that I saw on her website, but something she was happy to create for us, and I’m so glad I asked!

5. Do a hair and makeup test with the people who will do it the day of your wedding. This is really helpful to see how both will last, but also, if you have sensitive skin like I do, see how the makeup and/or hair products affect you. I wanted to be sure I wouldn’t end up breaking out the day after!

6. Write your thank you notes as soon as you get a gift! I really wish we had been more diligent about that.

7. Give your DJ the iTunes link to your first dance, father daughter dance, mother son dance, or any other dances where you want a specific song. This will ensure you will get the right version of your song! I did this for my father daughter dance song because there are too many versions of “Edelweiss” out there.

8. This can’t always happen, but it is so helpful when you hire vendors who know each other and have worked together before. We had some last minute requests for our darling invitation designer to do some day-of paper and our beautifully hand-painted wedding certificate. As luck would have it, she was seeing Kat, our wonderful coordinator, the week before our wedding, and was able to seamlessly hand off our materials! I was so happy to not stress not shipping.

9. Take breaks! Take off your wedding planner hat and luxuriate in your fiancée hat. It really is such a joyful time and it’s fun to soak it all in.

10. It is totally acceptable to eat the largest possible tub of queso the day after your wedding. You deserve it after all that planning!

Katherine xo

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  1. Ali Williamson

    May 9th, 2017 at 11:07 pm

    #7 – the wrong first dance song was played at our wedding, so YES YES YES!

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